Welcome to the Miller Lab


We are proud to announce that our graduate student, Nathan Haigh, successfully completed his exit seminar and dissertation!

Congratulations to Dorothy and Krista, who were both awarded T32 training grants! Dorothy was awarded the NHLBI T32 and Krista was awarded the NIEHS T32.

Dorothy is a new post-doctoral scholar in the Miller lab and will be focusing on wildfire research.

Noah has been contributing to the lab’s work on alveolar type II epithelial cells and will be graduating with his B.S. in June 2021.

Congratulations to Noah Siegel for winning the ATS MTDS award! Noah will be presenting his research at the virtual ATS conference in May 2021.

We are pleased to welcome the following new members to our lab:

Diwash Shrestha- Junior Specialist
Krista Thongphanh- Graduate Student
Jaelen Brown- Undergraduate Student
Chloe Chou- Undergraduate Student

Congratulations to graduate student, Noah Siegel, for being awarded a P51 research supplement! Noah will be working on the lung microbiome project.

Congratulations to Taylor for being awarded the T32 training grant in pulmonary comparative medicine!